ELGi Oil Free Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors 10-15HP

Built with a dry sump design and unique suction through crankcase design, this product meets the requirements of industries that need quality air without contamination like medical complexes, and food processing.

Product Details


  • Food processing
  • Applications that demand no oil in air for their process
  • Oxygen/nitrogen generation plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil less compressor with a unique suction through crankcase design
  • Designed for industrial duty cycles
  • Slow running speed for lesser wear and tear
  • Air receiver coated internally for corrosion resistance
  • Base mounted and receiver mounted variants available
  • PTFE coated pistons, rings and sealed bearings for the lubrication of friction parts
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Two-stage oil free reciprocating air compressors are ELGI’s solutions to the increasing need by industries and research institutions for higher purity in compressed air applications.
 “No oil in compressor is equal to no oil in output air from the air compressor”- ELGI’s oil-free compressors are engineered on this principle.

‘TS’ oil-free series air compressors are fitted with optional oversized air receivers (420 Ltr) or base mounted packages, compressor pump designed with a dry crankcase fitted Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) coated pistons and PTFE rings to provide the ultimate wear resistance.

Designed for industrial duty applications the TS oil free series is the perfect solution where oil carried in the air can affect end product or downstream components.

With a capacity range from 34CFM to 45CFM (16 l/s – 22 l/s) and a maximum operating pressure range of 1000kPa (145psi) the ‘TS’ oil free series of air compressor are suitable for a wide range of applications; laboratories, oxygen/nitrogen plants, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, electronics manufacturing, breathing air and many more.

For more information on our Oil Free Reciprocating Series contact: sales@compressorsaustralia.com.au or phone: 1300 354 424