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Air Compressor Uses

Most people consider that air compressors only have a few applications. However, there are actually countless uses for such a versatile machine. It might take some time to learn how to use an air compressor efficiently, like what the gauges mean. But once you’ve used it a few times you’ll soon become a professional.

Owning an air compressor opens up your world of capabilities. With endless uses, you’ll be sure to find some fun inventions you can create while incorporating an air compressor. Here are some more reasons you need an air compressor.

Automotive Heavy-Duty Tools

Some tools require more power that you can give with just your bare hands. If you’re using pneumatic tools to work on your vehicles, air compressors can power these tools to complete the work easier and more efficiently.

Checking Tyre Pressure

If your tyres are not maintained and fully inflated it will reduce the life of your tyres and increase fuel consumption. Having an air compressor on hand will ensure you can pump your tyres up at home whenever needed. It’s also great to inflate your family’s bicycle tyres.

4WD & Off-Road Uses

Portable air compressors are also great for off-road use. Taking your 4WD through soft sand will likely require you to deflate the tyres to increase traction. Having an air compressor can reinflate the tyres once your back on sealed roads rather than having to take it slow to the nearest petrol station which may not even have an air pump. An air compressor that you can rely on is also great to quickly fill up air mattresses and inflatable seats if you’re camping.

Spray Painting

Air compressors can be hooked up to a paint spray gun to make painting with an air compressor fast and efficient. This will make painting your home, fence or shed a walk in the park.

Inflatable Pool Toys

If you have children, they likely have quite a few inflatable toys they love playing with. Inflatable balls, castles and boats often start deflating soon after use. Air compressors will make for quick refilling to keep the kids occupied for hours. It’s also great if you have an inflatable backyard pool to make for quick filling and maintaining the pressure during the warmer months.

DIY Snow Machine

A cool machine you can create using an air compressor is a DIY Snow Machine. Sure to be a hit with the kids, there are also many more fun inventions you can try with the use of an air compressor. Have a look online for some fun creations.

Cleaning Blower

Attaching an air gun to the end of your compressor will allow it to work as a blower for easy cleaning. If you have any large dusty areas around the house, strap on some safety goggles and a dust mask and blow the dust away.

Air Powered Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are a terrific way to clean your driveways, bricks and paths around your home. They also make cleaning your vehicles a breeze.

Air Powered Tools

Air compressors can be used to power a range of air powered products perfect for home renovations. This could include your air powered staple gun, nail gun and sanders. It will increase your productivity exponentially.

It important to understand which sized air compressor you need to power your tools. Ask your supplier or product manufacturer how much CFM is required to power the toll to ensure you can get an air compressor that can supply sufficient air.

Cleaning Your Work Space and Construction Area

If you’re doing some home renovations, your workspace will soon become messy and dirty. Use an air gun attachment to clear away woodchips, sawdust, metal shavings etc. Make sure you put on some safety goggles or a safety mask beforehand to protect your eyes.

The uses are endless!

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